I brought olympus on an adventure

As a starting point, lets set the stage; Olympus needed a setting to both impress and challenge esteemed nature and wildlife photographers as well as the new camera system (Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II)

The new system is weatherproof, so they needed to be surrounded by spectacular nature and an everchanging climate. So what better place to do that than here?

This post and the imagegallery below takes a punch at the second day of this adventure.

How it unfolded

After a hearty and relaxing breakfast at Hotel Sognefjord, the boat arrived. It was to take them to Værlandet og Bulandet, a weatherhardened community of islands knitted together with bridges and boats. Its a sight to behold, in the middle of what seemes at first to be nothing, just water, a huge mountain pops its head up from behind the horizon and greets you with all it has to offer. A tightly knitted community, an astounding birdlife and local ingredients for the mouthwatering fishsoup we served upon arrival.

As i painstakingly lick the bowl clean, i tell the others to prepare for a journey through the deer and wildsheep’s backyard. The heavens opened up, it started to rain, a lot! It was met with both enthusiasm and worry. But after a couple of minutes in the elements, it was the best thing that could have happened. I only saw smiles and heard words of praise, «what an amazing experience, to feel nature so strongly».

I guided them through the route with what has to be great focus, because they were all over the place taking pictures and discovering this otherworldy landscape. Photographers i have learned, has a tendency to let their motives and impulses lead them with no appreciation of where they are heading. To put it midly, they enjoyed themselves.

Suddenly, «out of the grey» the sun made its apperance and shone through raindrops as if they were a million tiny kaleidoscopes. It was like everything had a change of wardrobe and strook a pose on the catwalk.

Renewed vigour and inspiration made us nearly loose the ferry back. The photographers just had to hard of a time walking past motives despite our herdcalling and constant «we need to move».

Nevertheless, sharing warstories and changing socks we all made it aboard. In sunshine and post-journey bliss we drifted back across the fjord.

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